March Beauty Favorites: 2018

1.OKAY: Black Jamaican Castor Oil


My little brother has been telling me for months to get  some Black Jamaican Castor oil and finally I got some. This oil will run you about $8-$10 but a little goes a long way and it smells really great, like citrus. Black Jamaican Castor Oil has been around for years and is very good for the hair and scalp. One thing it helps with is locking in moisture, aids at breakage while improving your hairs strength, and can be used everyday for scalp nourishment or once a week for a hot oil treatment.

2. Jamaican Mango & Lime Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo & Conditioner.


My aunt is always buying something, not liking it and saving it for me. I made a trip back home in February and sure enough my aunt had something to gift me. As she knows I have been natural for the passed year and a half, she saved these for me to try on my hair. One thing about Carolyn is, she is picky. For some reason she did not like the duo, however after I washed my hair with it, she saw the moisture it gave my curls, she tried to take it back. No Indian giving here, this was all mine! I absolutely love this stuff!!!

3.Nature Love Body Wash: Lavender & Coconut oil. 


I picked up this body wash from Marshalls for about $7 as I have been using more natural based body wash for the last year. As I have really dry skin, I prefer a softer more mild soap with moisturizing oils for my skin. In the pass, I loved to use Bath and Body Works shower gel or Caress but within the last few years, I’ve found them to be a waste of money and a bit over powering with scent. I tend to lean towards the more natural scents without the perfume. I have been using this for a little over two months and I still have just less than half left. Another thing I like is that it comes with a pump which is very convenient for use in the shower.

4. Essential Oils: 100% Natural


I have been picking up a ton of essential oils lately as they have been my new fascination. Not only do they smell great and promote positive energy but they each aim at relaxing the muscles as well. I add them to my bath and lotion to give a more relaxed feel and if I do not enjoy doing anything else, I love creating a calm space.

5. Ryka Gym Shoes:


While these don’t necessarily fall into the “Beauty” category they are apart of my health and well being, which aids at my beauty. I found these for $20 at my local Burlington’s. I love how lightweight they are and that helps when doing high intensity cardio and box jumps. They are also on the flatter side so I can do squats and lift without worrying about wobbling or loosing form, they leave a more solid foundation. Last but not least, the soles add support all around the foot and some days I just don’t want to take them off as they are just too comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed my March favorites. If any of these products caught your attention give them a try! Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy and let me know what worked for you.







D.I.Y: Mildly Mint Night Stands-Makeover

(Better photos of both below)

I decided it was time to share my projects with others. This means, I will now add D.I.Y Projects to my blog post. If you personally know me then you know that one of my biggest hobbies is to craft/diy projects. I began doing small projects about 3 years ago (2015ish) and since then, I have completed a ton throughout my home.

At first, I worked on small projects, such as Canvas art, make-up brush holders and jewelry pieces to name a few. As time went on, I found myself moving up to the more challenging projects, making a set of throw pillows, revamping an old mirror, turning a coffee table into an ottoman (Will share soon! This was my first furniture piece and it came out amazing!) and now, revamping two night stands.

I had been searching around for quite some time for two nice night stands to upholster. My goals were, to not spend over $20, the piece to only be mildly damaged, if any damage at all and not too dirty. I didn’t want  to spend a ton of time cleaning and repairing. While I had been searching for nightstands for a while, I wasn’t going every week to look, I would just go on a free day. I like to call them ” Thrift Days”, its when I have a free day to spare and I just visit all the local thrift stores to see if they have anything I’ve been looking for. Sometimes I’m just looking because I’m bored but with hope that I would find my next project.

First Stop: Thrifting For The Right Pieces.


I visited my local Goodwill and this one in particular is a half off store so what ever the ticket price is, you pay half. Jackpot! I walked in and right in front, there were two night stands. Super excited, I rush over and check them out for wear and tear and cleanliness and last but not least, the price!

Yes! You have that right, I spent less than $10 for both!

What I Used:

  • 2 solid wood night stands
  • 1 Sand block (I opted for a sand block  but you can use an electric handheld, I just found my electric one wasn’t necessary here.)
  • Paint*
  • Primer
  • Sealer*

*1- I originally wanted to paint the night stands white and keep the drawers blue. However, the white paint I bought was not working with my vision so I opted to mix some of the white with some grey I already had and I came up with the lighter color (not sure what to call it, mildly mint?).

**I also never pay full price for paint, a good trick (unless you have a particular color/brand in mind) is to browse the clearance shelf near the paint at your local Menards, Lowes, or Home Depot. I was able to get my gallons of paint for $5! (I know, I’m the sh*t at saving! lol but seriously admit it.) The reason I mention this is because it is truly a great bargain if you can find the color you want or make one of the colors available work. This being,  a lot of the paint were simple returns due to them not being the right color match and because they won’t place the opened paint back on the shelf, you my friend can get it for more than 50% off! You really can’t beat that!

*2 Sealer-I used Mod Podge… I will explain later.

Step 1: Clean The Surface.

First I begin by cleaning the piece inside and out. I used a water, baking soda and vinegar mixture to spray down each night stand. Luckily they weren’t too dirty, just your every day dust mostly.

I also took this time to remove the drawers and knobs, on one of the night stands the top drawer would not come out. Instead of forcing it out, I took off the back of the dresser ( thin plywood) and cleaned the drawer from the back side. Oddly, there were 3 brand new sharpies stuck inside but that was appreciated as a gift.

Step 2: Sand The Piece (not pictured).

I used a sander block I picked up from Menards along with a little elbow and wrist work, and sanded both pieces enough for the paint to have a smooth surface to stick to. I was lucky again that the piece wasn’t heavily coated with wax/oils etc.

Step 3: Paint The Drawers First.


I painted the drawers first as I knew I wanted those to be blue. I already had a gallon of Dutch Boy paint on hand ($5 clearance), It was the same color I used to paint my ottoman and knew the pair would work well together.

Step 4a: First Color (not pictured).

As stated, I started off painting the stands themselves white, I had found a gallon of Valspar paint at Menards ($5 clearance), however it wasn’t giving me the clean crisp white I was looking for. While I knew I didn’t want it to be necessarily glossy, I did still want a little shine to the white to make it look super clean and crisp. I had applied two full coats and was still unsatisfied. Instead of feeling as though I had wasted my time, or go out and buy a glosser to place on top, I sanded the piece a little a second time, with the white still on, and thought of it as a primer for the paint to come (although both were a primer + paint comb).

Step 4b: Final Color.


Again, as stated, I then decided to mix the white w/grey (all paint that I had on hand) and got this “Mildly Mint” color. I applied two coats.

Step 5: Sealer/ Finish Coat.

*I used Mod Podge, I’m sorry I’m being so cheap here. Don’t judge me or do but every project is done on a budget and after spending a little over a week sanding and painting ( almost 4 coats due to the color change from white to “Mildly Mint”), the last thing I felt like doing was going out and buying a sealer. I had to get creative and act quickly if I wanted these night stands done. Since Mod Podge seals paint and I had it on hand, I used it and it worked wonderfully at sealing the paint. I tested this by adding the knobs, before the Mod Podge the paint had chipped when the knobs were applied and twisted tight. After re-painting (just the small chipped area) and adding the Mod Podge, the knobs went on smoothly without chipping the paint. I also moved these stands from one home to another and they did not chip! So, in all actuality, it works.

Step 6: Add the Knobs.

I was traveling home from an event one evening and I came across a small Habitat for Humanity Restore and took a stroll in. I was able to find these nice square knobs for just .25 cents a piece.  I picked up a total of 10 and saved the extra 4 if I decide to change my vanity knobs to match the nightstands.

Finished Product: The Final Look!

I was more than pleased! Not only had I found two night stands at a great price, they turned out amazing for my second piece of upholstered furniture.


I am seriously enjoying this part of me, I really love to craft!  I’m highly considering taking some woodshop & painter classes. I could see myself building a house now. Okay, maybe I’m jumping too soon but in all honesty, I’m not kidding.

Side note: I also made the décor that you see placed on top of the night stand. One is a mason jar turned vase (metallic spray paint & fake flowers) & I made a bedside coaster to hold my hand crème, lip palm and pillow spray.

I believe this project cost me no more than $20 all together. It was fun, only took about a week and a few days and the results were satisfying. I am planning to mirror the top of them at some point but for now, they serve their purpose. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing and sharing my project.

Feel free to share and mention me Twitter, FB or IG if you decide to upholster a pair of night stands.

5 Peanut Butter Toast Snacks

1.  Peanut Butter & Granola

Whole Wheat Toast, Peanut Butter, Granola & Honey.

2. Peanut Butter & Greek Yogurt

Whole Wheat Toast, Peanut Butter, Vanilla Greek Yogurt & Honey

I (@ThisIsBeyy) own the rights to this photo!

3. Peanut Butter & Fruit Slices

Whole Wheat Toast, Peanut Butter, Banana slices, Strawberry slices & Ground Cinnamon.

4. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Whole Wheat Toast, Peanut Butter & 2 minute Blueberry Spread ( Blueberries & Greek Yogurt blended) .

5. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips

Whole Wheat Toast, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips & Granola.


If you try any of these snacks, feel free to tag me in a photo @ThisIsBeyy  on Twitter & IG!

PNC: Polly’s Natural Curls

Polly’s Natural Curls: LOC method.Snapchat-1114976180

Over the past year and a half I have been working to get my hair in a wash-n-go state or at least to a place where I can achieve a great twist out. I have tried product after product and I have secretly become obsessed with hair products as a whole. From shampoo, conditioner, curl cream, oils, mask and edge control, whatever you can name hair related, I have it. Not to mention, bins full!

Don’t frizz up your little edges, I have decided not to buy any new hair products until I use most of what I have. I have even went through all of my bins last month and threw out any products that I have had over a year,I have downsized a great deal.With doing this, I have also decided to use little to NO heat on my hair, meaning all natural all year!

As I am normally  wearing buns, braids or low ponytails, it was time to find a product that would moisturize my hair so it can be worn down more. I set out on this journey, while keeping my budget in mind, to find the best products for MY hair.

I recently found some products that have been working on my hair.  I stopped into Wal-mart about  two weeks ago and found these two products, Daily Defense and Finesse. I picked up these products for two reasons; One they were both reasonably priced and they both are paraben, sulfate and silicon free.

I found this to be a hit, I quickly went home to test the products and was wow’d at my hair.I decided to also use the LOC (Leave in, Oil, Cream) method to maintain the moisture.


This was my hair after a long week, work and working out leaves my hair in a wild mess by the weekend. It was clearly wash day and I was excited to wash my hair. I have listed the steps below.


Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: Finger detangle hair.

Step 2: Wet & wash hair, using  As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner ( any co-wash will work, just make sure it is a cleansing co-wash.)

Step 3: Apply the Daily Defense 3 minute leave-in treatment (95 cents @ Wal-mart) and detangle using fingers or a detangling brush.

Step 4: Rinse and apply Finesse moisture conditioner and comb through hair using fingers or wide tooth comb.

Step 5: Apply Africa’s Best oil (olive or coconut oil works as well) throughout hair.

Step 6: Apply Organix Luxurious Moroccan argan Creme Sheer Opulence Masque through hair.

Step 7: Wrap in an old t-shirt to air dry and run some errands or read a book.

As you can see my hair was left moisturized and none of the products left any build up.Looking like I got a Jheri curl LOL. I recently  used the LOC method to try my very first twist out  as this process was very simple and I was very pleased with the results. Head over to my Youtube to check out the video.!

Be sure to give this a try, the products alone work very well and I only used the LOC method to ensure moisture throughout the next few days. Please feel free to share with me your results/methods on Twitter !

Review: Shakeology


5 days of Shakeology!

What I liked:

What I found to like about shakeology was the post workout benefits. It was very easy to mix and go which helped me get in those post-workout nutrients. The shake itself is in a powder form, but is very  light so if using a blender can take about 1-2 minutes to mix up but if just shaking about 5 minutes which isn’t to bad and honestly may be shorter, I didn’t actually test it out. I also tried the mix in the morning, by incorporating it in with my fruits and making a smoothie, I found it to be a boost in protein so I didn’t have to make a big meal when heading out for work.


One thing I was happy to find out was that it did not taste like store-bought protein powder that  we’ve all tried. It actually didn’t taste like a protein shake at all, as the flavors I had where vegan chocolate and cafe latte, I just added almond milk on days I drank the shake post-workout without any extra flavor fillers.

What I didn’t like:

I didn’t particular care for the flavor choices, while the vegan chocolate was good , I don’t really care for cafe latte or any coffee flavored products. This could have simply been because of the variety I was given from the Shakeology/Beachbody coach but this limited my mixing choices as chocolate and latte don’t particular make the best tasting smoothies.Although, I was sent a pdf with smoothie recipes, I just wasn’t interested in mixing those flavors in with my fruit. It wasn’t disgusting, It just would have been nice to have more flavors, like strawberry or some other fruit flavor.


I don’t know if it boost my energy, I only tried it out for a week ( Mon-Friday) and I couldn’t tell if my energy was restored any more than usual. In their defense, I have been very worn out lately, from life’s daily grind . So naturally, I am exhausted by the end of the day and on days I get in later than usual , I am even more tired. I may just need a few days off and some yoga so I will not judge shakeology due to my lack of rest.


One thing I wanted to pay close attention to was my performance progress in conjunction with the shakes. As I mentioned, I didn’t feel it personally gave me energy, the post shake helped with recovery in the sense of muscle repair. I noticed my body was less sore the next day after an intense workout. While stretching plays a major role, I felt the levels of pain were much lower. I also could see my body transforming at a faster rate, clearly showing the nutrients I was lacking post workout.

Overall thoughts:

Overall I did like Shakeology and I would recommend it if someone was looking for a shake that doesn’t taste like protein with a ton of nutrients. I will  be open and say, I’m not sure it is something I would invest in as a monthly thing, as a months worth will run you about $120 and with just me, those are my monthly groceries expenses alone. I would also be aware that you may be limited with the shakes you make due to the flavor choices of the powder, if that is not a big deal and in your budget, go for it! I do plan at some point to try out a months worth for a longer review, being sure to pay attention to my energy levels.

For now, I am still on the market for a great shake/protein powder for post workout. It would be nice if there was something a bit cheaper with some of the same benefits as well as something with more of an energy boost.

Below are some photos of some of the Shakes/Smoothies I made.


Hope this review helps, please feel free to give it a try on your own. I would also suggest maybe seeing if you can try out some samples like I was able to, that way you too can give it a try and find if it is right for you or not.

Feel free to Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy and let me know what other shakes you’ve tried that work for you.






March Beauty Favorites

Beauty Favs.March

1.Finesse Conditioner


I purchased this at Wal-mart for less than $3 dollars. I was very surprised at the amount of moisture it gives my hair, truly restore and strengthens. I use this as a leave in conditioner as well and I can tell you this will stay in my hair regimen.

2. Daily Defense 3 minute leave in treatment

I love this and I use this as a treatment and to detangle. When I add in the conditioner, I comb each strand of hair with either my fingers or a detangling brush.The best part is that it was only 93 cents at my local Wal-mart!

3.D.I.Y Setting Spray

AM 100%

I found this on YouTube and instantly wanted to try to make my own. I enjoy making my own products as they are healthier and I know exactly what I placed in them. It also works as I know what works best for my skin and what keeps it refreshed, clear and moisturized. This spray can be used to set your makeup or simply to refresh your face.

  • Fill halfway with toner (I used T.N Dickinson with hazel)
  • Fill halfway with filtered water.
  • Add 10-20 drops of glycerin (I used about 17 as I have dry skin and I love the way the glycerin holds my make-up)

4. T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel


This is my holy grail, every night after I cleanse my face or do a face mask, I let my face air dry and then I go over with my witch hazel. I place a few drops onto a cotton ball and apply to my whole face, I also will go in a second time and focus on my areas where I have more dark spots and dark circles .

5. New Lippies: Ruby Kiss & NYX Butter Gloss


These are two of my favorite lippie brand, NYX and Ruby Kiss. I have never been a gloss girl, too much gloss tends to look like you’ve been eating some greasy fried chicken, but I love NYX butter gloss and have been using them for a few years. My go to colors are the peach and pink nudes, while some require me to line my lips (to tone down the color with my skin tone) others I can just apply and go. Another reason I love NYX butter gloss is because it is a great top gloss for mattes.

While I have many Ruby Kiss matte lipsticks, I ran across these liquid matte lipsticks while visiting my home town beauty supply store. They caught my eye as they look like Kylie dupes and once I tried out the tester I grabbed them. Not only have I not seen them in the area I live in, they were only 1.99! You can wear the liquid mattes alone or if you are like me and like a tad bit of moisture, add some butter gloss on top.

I hope you enjoyed my March favorites.If any of these products caught your attention give them a try! Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy and let me know what worked for you.

D.I.Y Recycled Throw Pillows

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I am a very frugal and hands on. I fell in love with Pinterest a few years ago and it has changed my life in many ways. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find myself searching Pinterest for new ideas, from home decor to food recipes, I revert to Pinterest.

One thing I love to make are throw pillows, they are super simple, quick and cheap to make! What I love the most about making throw pillows are I am always able to change-up the decor to a space. They also add additional personalization to any area and I love saying “I made those” when someone ask where did I get my cute pillows.

You can buy new fabric or pillow case covers from Hobby Lobby/Wal-Mart, in this particular project I recycled things I had around the house. I used one of my old window panels, as I had bought new ones with the same pattern; I decided it would be nice to make throws for my bed to match. I also bought new sleeping pillows and decided to wash and dry the old ones and used the stuffing to fill my new throws.


What I used:

  • 1 old curtain panel (You may use any fabric of your choice, get creative!)
  •  1 old pillow (washed and air-dried. Feel free to buy pillow stuffing if you rather it be new)
  • hot glue gun w/ glue sticks
  • scissors & measuring tape

What to do:

Step 1:

Below are a written steps as to what I did and I will be sure that any future D.I.Y projects I post are full in detail with photos! Work with the newbie here.

  • Cut fabric to desired length but be sure you are cutting enough fabric to fold!
  • Cut open your old pillow and remove the stuffing, it will be tightly packed together so you will need to pull it a part and set it in an empty trash bag for when you’re ready to rebuff it.
  • Warm the hot glue gun, in the meantime fold your fabric and size it to be glued.
  • Glue the edges all around, but do not close the pillow, keep the corner open. This is very important because you will need enough room to stuff, then fold and glue that corner closed.
    (See photo example here)

Step 2:

As this was my first time deciding to share my D.I.Y pillows, I didn’t take step by step photos during the process. So, I am asking you to visit this blog post if you need more visual as we generally did the same thing, only difference is the fabric and stuffing. Although I do think I am going to make a set of throw pillows using napkins as she did for my couch.

If you enjoyed this D.I.Y, Pin it! Follow this blog & me on Twitter!

Simple Energy Bites

I am a part of a few wellness groups on Facebook, one in particular I am a part of is one that an previous co-worker of mine put together. Recently, a group member  asked if anyone has ever tried making their own energy bites, I thought of how I have been meaning to get around and make some, so I decided to make some that day.I stopped at the nearest store to pick up a few items and I was ready to make these simple and easy energy bites, took me no more than 10 minutes!


Rolled Oaks (1 cup)

Dried Cranberries (or raisins) (half cup)

Chocolate Chips (half cup)

Sunflower Seeds (half cup)

Creamy Peanut Butter ( Begin with 3 large scoops and add more as needed)

To Do: 

Combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl.Stir/mix until everything is well mixed, then using an ice cream scooper ( or spoon) place into hands and roll. Make rolls to the size of your liking, and place onto baking sheet. Place into the freezer for 1 hr. ENJOY!

If you decide to make this recipe, feel free to share with me on Twitter !


Friday Mornings

Happy Friday! Just wanted to Recap some of the foods I had in the past week.

Monday:  Breakfast Berry Banana Smoothie


Tuesday:Chicken Cesar Salad for lunch


Wednesday: Dinner made Simple


Thursday: Pre workout Pineapples ( w/banana not shown)


Friday: Breakfast of Grits & Toast


As you can see everything here is simple just wanted to share how I maintain a healthy diet & what I typically eat during a busy week. T.G.I.F but let’s keep this going through the weekend.!

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson




January Beauty Favorites


Feels as though January has flown by, we are already moving into February and here in Michigan the snow has returned. For most of January it felt like spring except it look nothing to par, now the temperature has dropped down to the twenties or lower and the snow is sticking. Outside of the weather making its way back, I spent January embracing my natural skills, the ones I wasn’t sure I had, my moto for 2017 has been NO COMFORT ZONES!

With efforts to stick to that, I am trying new foods, letting go of my fear with certain things and just taking a leap at whatever I have interest in. I  have always had procrastination trendies, always believing I can just do it another day or closer to the deadline, well I wanted to change that and I didn’t wait to do that on New Years Eve, I began back in September, around the time of my September Beauty Favorites. This year, I will share more of my monthly favorites at the end of each month! I will do beauty & fitness favorites.

This list contains mostly hair products as I am a natural gal. I generally wear buns, twist, braids and anything natural. One thing I must do when wearing my hair in its natural state is take care of it, which can be a lot of maintenance but with time and patience, I prevail and tackle the madness, here are some products/tools that help me along the way.

1. African Pride: Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula


I recently picked this up as I was looking for an everyday moisturizer to use on my hair in between wash days. I have used African Pride products in the past (mainly their leave-in conditioner) so I had great hopes for this product and it didn’t disappoint one bit.

2. Africa’s Best: Ultimate Herbal Oil (Hair & Body)


I was introduced to this product last summer, I visited my sister in Ohio and when showering and washing my hair, I used some of this oil ( as that is all she had) for my hair and it was very amazing, added great oil and helped with nourishing my ends, works great to seal in moisture. The oil contains Soybean oil, Walnut seed oil, Kiwi Fruit extract, Olive Fruit oil, Castor seed oil, Sesame seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Carrot seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Tocophery Acetate, Safflower oil and that is just a few. The other great thing about this product is it is very inexpensive ( $2 or less, Family dollar/Target /Walmart) smells great and you can use it on your hair and body.!

3.Head & Shoulders: 2 in 1 Ocean Lift Shampoo & Conditioner


As I workout during my lunch break on weekdays, I was looking for a good inexpensive 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner to add to my gym bag. I would use it to give my hair a quick rinse/co-wash after a sweaty workout. I found this and thought I would give it a try, I dont have dandruff issues, but sometimes  dried conditioner can create flaking hair and scalp. I love using this as it has mint sized and that just feels awesome on the scalp, it opens the pores and refreshes the scalp. I really love the tingling feeling it gives off, it has great lather and leaves the hair with great moisture. I was skeptical to try this as I try to use natural base, sulfate free shampoos and conditioners but this will be staying in the collection as I loved everything about it.

4. Okay: On the go Polished Edges w/Black Jamaican Castor Oil





I got this from my aunt, she said it was too think for her hair ( she has fine short hair) but after applying it, it was nothing of the sort.It is a thick gel, however once rubbed through, it is soft like an oil.I honestly don’t think she used it, she must have touched it and didnt care for the texture before applying it to her hair.  I have been using this to lay my edges down when I do my braided styles, a friend of mine came over and used this and she went out and got her a jar.


5. Cala: Wet N Dry detangling Brush


I bought this spare of the moment, I was already planning to wash my hair one night and while in Marshall, I visited the beauty isle.I came across this brush on the clearance shelf, I did not want to buy this, I just felt like It wouldn’t work, it would break due to my thick hair, I was low-key hating on this brush all the way until I used it in the shower while washing my hair. BOMB.ORG, This is the best detangling brush I have ever used on my hair, I actually went back to buy more for me and my friends and they were all gone! I guess I understand why, they are amazing!

6. Loreal: Go 360 Clean facial wash


A co-worker of mine gave me the Anti-Breakout facial cleanser to try, she thought it would be great for me to use as I was telling her how I was looking for a more, exfoliating face wash outside of my weekly mask. She gave me a whole new bottle and warned me it may be too strong for my skin. When I tried it the first day, it burned, I put to much on my face, and into the sponge and as a result, I had to rinse out the access product from the sponge and instead of running it under water, I kept applying it to my face.So ultimately, I used to much product causing my skin to become irritated. being sure to only use a dime size, I have kept using it since, once a week like I do my mask (different days) and I have seen a difference in my skin. I don’t typically get acne but I do get pimples on my forehead a lot from the grease in my hair or from the gym, this helps aid my pores during those times and keeps them cleaned so that I don’t get the occasional bumps. I plan to try the sensitive skin version as I would like to use something daily at night to cleanse my face. The best part about the “Go 360 clean” sets are the sponges, which I found can be purchased separately, I found a pack of three at Marshall’s for $4.

If any of these products caught your attention visit your local beauty and drug stores and give them a try! Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy and let me know what worked for you.


“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort. “ – Deborah Day