January Beauty Favorites


Feels as though January has flown by, we are already moving into February and here in Michigan the snow has returned. For most of January it felt like spring except it look nothing to par, now the temperature has dropped down to the twenties or lower and the snow is sticking. Outside of the weather making its way back, I spent January embracing my natural skills, the ones I wasn’t sure I had, my moto for 2017 has been NO COMFORT ZONES!

With efforts to stick to that, I am trying new foods, letting go of my fear with certain things and just taking a leap at whatever I have interest in. I  have always had procrastination trendies, always believing I can just do it another day or closer to the deadline, well I wanted to change that and I didn’t wait to do that on New Years Eve, I began back in September, around the time of my September Beauty Favorites. This year, I will share more of my monthly favorites at the end of each month! I will do beauty & fitness favorites.

This list contains mostly hair products as I am a natural gal. I generally wear buns, twist, braids and anything natural. One thing I must do when wearing my hair in its natural state is take care of it, which can be a lot of maintenance but with time and patience, I prevail and tackle the madness, here are some products/tools that help me along the way.

1. African Pride: Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula


I recently picked this up as I was looking for an everyday moisturizer to use on my hair in between wash days. I have used African Pride products in the past (mainly their leave-in conditioner) so I had great hopes for this product and it didn’t disappoint one bit.

2. Africa’s Best: Ultimate Herbal Oil (Hair & Body)


I was introduced to this product last summer, I visited my sister in Ohio and when showering and washing my hair, I used some of this oil ( as that is all she had) for my hair and it was very amazing, added great oil and helped with nourishing my ends, works great to seal in moisture. The oil contains Soybean oil, Walnut seed oil, Kiwi Fruit extract, Olive Fruit oil, Castor seed oil, Sesame seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Carrot seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Tocophery Acetate, Safflower oil and that is just a few. The other great thing about this product is it is very inexpensive ( $2 or less, Family dollar/Target /Walmart) smells great and you can use it on your hair and body.!

3.Head & Shoulders: 2 in 1 Ocean Lift Shampoo & Conditioner


As I workout during my lunch break on weekdays, I was looking for a good inexpensive 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner to add to my gym bag. I would use it to give my hair a quick rinse/co-wash after a sweaty workout. I found this and thought I would give it a try, I dont have dandruff issues, but sometimes  dried conditioner can create flaking hair and scalp. I love using this as it has mint sized and that just feels awesome on the scalp, it opens the pores and refreshes the scalp. I really love the tingling feeling it gives off, it has great lather and leaves the hair with great moisture. I was skeptical to try this as I try to use natural base, sulfate free shampoos and conditioners but this will be staying in the collection as I loved everything about it.

4. Okay: On the go Polished Edges w/Black Jamaican Castor Oil





I got this from my aunt, she said it was too think for her hair ( she has fine short hair) but after applying it, it was nothing of the sort.It is a thick gel, however once rubbed through, it is soft like an oil.I honestly don’t think she used it, she must have touched it and didnt care for the texture before applying it to her hair.  I have been using this to lay my edges down when I do my braided styles, a friend of mine came over and used this and she went out and got her a jar.


5. Cala: Wet N Dry detangling Brush


I bought this spare of the moment, I was already planning to wash my hair one night and while in Marshall, I visited the beauty isle.I came across this brush on the clearance shelf, I did not want to buy this, I just felt like It wouldn’t work, it would break due to my thick hair, I was low-key hating on this brush all the way until I used it in the shower while washing my hair. BOMB.ORG, This is the best detangling brush I have ever used on my hair, I actually went back to buy more for me and my friends and they were all gone! I guess I understand why, they are amazing!

6. Loreal: Go 360 Clean facial wash


A co-worker of mine gave me the Anti-Breakout facial cleanser to try, she thought it would be great for me to use as I was telling her how I was looking for a more, exfoliating face wash outside of my weekly mask. She gave me a whole new bottle and warned me it may be too strong for my skin. When I tried it the first day, it burned, I put to much on my face, and into the sponge and as a result, I had to rinse out the access product from the sponge and instead of running it under water, I kept applying it to my face.So ultimately, I used to much product causing my skin to become irritated. being sure to only use a dime size, I have kept using it since, once a week like I do my mask (different days) and I have seen a difference in my skin. I don’t typically get acne but I do get pimples on my forehead a lot from the grease in my hair or from the gym, this helps aid my pores during those times and keeps them cleaned so that I don’t get the occasional bumps. I plan to try the sensitive skin version as I would like to use something daily at night to cleanse my face. The best part about the “Go 360 clean” sets are the sponges, which I found can be purchased separately, I found a pack of three at Marshall’s for $4.

If any of these products caught your attention visit your local beauty and drug stores and give them a try! Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy and let me know what worked for you.


“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort. “ – Deborah Day



Cake Booty Workout

This workout was made while listening to Rihanna’s “Cake”. Here you have a banging booty workout that will for sure leave your glutes burning. I have to say I had a ton of fun making and doing this workout, the best part to me was singing through each exercise.

You can visit this YouTube link  for the song. Before you begin, stretch!Remember to focus your stretches on the legs, glutes and hips, you can visit the photo below for a list of great stretches. Enjoy!



*The workout was made  to have  fun so go at the pace of the beat! (Left to right) *



If you would like me to do a video of this workout let me know on Twitter @ThisisBeyy


I recently created a plank exercise as many of my friends have asked me about ways to tighten their core. While it doesn’t stop here, planking is one exercise I incorporate with EVERY workout no matter what, I spend some time planking, for me I usually plank for one minute doing various versions of planks (similar to what I have listed in the workout below)  but if you are not use to holding a plank then you will begin to feel the burn fifteen seconds into the hold.

I created this workout to give you the ultimate  core born, I can guarantee you will fee the fire throughout this quick ten minute workout. The idea here is to get better with time, this is very beginner friendly and if ever you need to rest, pause the timer and catch your breath, then begin again. This exercise can be done a few times out the week  I suggest doing it twice through for a total of 10 minutes, if you can push for three.I would also encourage you do some cardio before as well, maybe go running or using the elliptical.

As any workout, eating is very important as well so if you think you will eat whatever you want and just do this workout and get a nice lean core, I can tell you that WILL NOT HAPPEN.! In order to maintain a tight core you must eat healthy and exercise regularly, notice I put eating healthy before exercising.!

Key words: Healthy- Eating-Regular-Exercise



Exercise Time
1.       Plank hands :30 Seconds
2.       Knee to elbow plank  :30 Seconds
3.       Elbow Plank  :30 Seconds
4.       Knee to chest mountain climbers (Keep butt low) :30 Seconds
5.       Plank alternate (hands to elbows, elbows to hands) :30 Seconds
6.       Side plank hold ( Right) :30 Seconds
7.       Side plank dips (Right) :30 Seconds
8.       Side plank hold (Left) :30 Seconds
9.       Side plank dips (Left ) :30 Seconds
10.   Plank hands :30 Seconds
 Be sure to take a rest if needed, but get back to the next set quickly! FEEL THE BURN Repeat 2x


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Healthy Eating On a Budget #1

Dollar Tree Snacks

Dollar tree snacks? SAY WHAT!!

Dollar tree has stepped up their game throughout the years, I remember it was a time everything was off-brand at the dollar store, yet you still bought it because it was a dollar. Now you can find a lot of your favorite brands at Dollar Tree and within the past few months I have noticed a ton of yummy snacks hidden at Dollar tree.

1.Trail Mix- Dollar tree has some of the best trail mix snacks for on the go, and they are healthy.  Lately I have been grabbing these on the go and they come in different varieties (I have found 4 so far)


2. Rice Rolls (Cakes)- These caught me because of the shape, I thought “rice cakes , rice rolls, hell it should all taste the same right” You bet! I like to cut the rolls up into little circles and spread hazelnut or peanut butter on top. When lazy i just dip the rolls in!


3. Oatmeal– You can pick up a 16 oz box of oatmeal from DT, when I leave my lunch at home during the work week and I have ran out of oatmeal at work, I will run up to dollar tree to grab some back up oatmeal , as the store is near my job, to hold me over for the day.



4. Bear Naked trail mix- These taste super awesome, they are a great buy and I grab all the bags when they are in stock. I find I can use the mix in my salad or by themselves with a side of greek yogurt.


5. Hersey Chocolate, Cookies & Cream Milkshakes- I love these, on days when I know I want to spend a few hours at the gym i grab two of these. Not only are they very tasty, they contain a lot of protein and not many calories ( but who’s counting those). The regular Hersey  contains 13g of protein and the Cookies & cream contains 16g! I know…AWESOME treat!

**I will have to mention that the sodium levels aren’t ones that I approve of but I have these in moderation and the days when I do I am sure to keep the sodium levels of all other foods at the lowest !



If you are looking to snack on a budget with healthy snacks, check out your local Dollar Tree for secret snacks!


**Feel free to Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy with any snacks you come across #DollarSnacking **

5 things I wish I never ate in my 25 years of living.

  1. Dairy: As much as I loved to drink milk, eat eggs and add butter to my oatmeal, I wish I didn’t have so much of it during one year. My first year of college did it for me. I would use butter in all my grains, and everything came with cheese. In doing so, I eventually began to get cramps in my stomach or have to sit on the toilet constipated & upon doing some research (lol google) I realized that I in fact had become intolerant to dairy products.


  1. Fast Food: I know you’re thinking, “We all wished that” or you’re thinking “you sound crazy” either way, I wish I never ate McDonald, Subway and anything like the two. I worked at McDonald my senior year of HS and through time as expected I grew tired of their food but it wasn’t until I was in my third year of college when I realized, I couldn’t even eat the minimum (fries/ grilled chicken) from these places everything just screamed “ this food is fake as sh*t” and one night after a Griddle


  1. Hot dogs: Nothing about a hot-dog pleases me, however I would eat hot-dogs at my grandparents on hot summer days growing up, and every time I’d feel as though I was dying. You couldn’t pay me to eat a hot-dog today! Nope, defiantly won’t eat beef either!


  1. Ramen Noodles: We have all seen the issues surrounding Ramen noodles and as a once poor college student, this was a heaven sent meal. If you gathered every college student you could really write a recipe book for Ramen noodles. I’m too ashamed to share some of the ways I use to mix and make my noodles; I will mention that certain ingredients contributed a great deal to my dairy intake and the result of me becoming lactose intolerant over time.


  1. Hot Cheetos: I am secretly addicted to hot Cheetos. I know they are horrible for you, I even watched the video with the guy burning a hot cheeto with a lighter and nothing happened, for me or the chips that is. I still crave them, and if I have a great week of eating clean I eat hot Cheetos for my cheat day. Please, judge me another day. !

Monday Madness: #1

5 things I always forget at home on Mondays.

1.Gym bag: 

This is a faithful weekly occurrence and I have taken proper steps to be sure I don’t forget it, however I forget the bag more often than I don’t. I usually keep my gym bag in the car throughout the week; this helps me ensure I am prepared for a workout at any time. On Friday I take my bag out to discard all the smelly clothes, clean and repack the bag. It is just when I am done doing so, I leave the bag by the door with the intention I will grab it on Monday on my way out for work. As I grab for my purse, lunch bag and keys, I step over the gym bag and head out the door. To say the least, the gym is not top priority on my mind for Mondays… but what is.

2.A piece of my lunch:

 As I rush out the door every Monday scrambling to have everything, I always leave something. As I have already left my gym bag at this point, I am certain when I arrive to work, I will not have all the necessities to complete my lunch. I will probably have the tuna salad and no crackers or bread. In most cases it is me packing breakfast and snacks and forgetting my main meal for lunch. It seems I always miss the grand finale.


On the days I do bring my gym bag and food, I get all the way to work only to realize, I have no music. No one runs without music, it is a ritual! Live by it and sprint!!


As I spend Sunday evening planning out things for the week, I fill in my planner (or notebook, whatever is on hand at the moment) of everything I need to do and wish to do in the upcoming week. I should just store the planner in my purse once I’m done but I usually sit it down on the coffee table with the intent to add more. It is usually when I leave it there to go do something else, like clean my car out or head to the gym is when I forget about it. As a result, when heading out the next morning, my plan to start following my planner goes down the drain as I forget the planner only realizing it when I am halfway up the road. How to fail at planning 101!

5.Gym Shoes:

When I can really gather all things needed to complete a successful Monday, I always- if not every single time, leave my gym shoes! I will get all the way to the gym, change clothes only to get to my feet and find not a sole in my bag (literally). I have even gotten to the point where I have to keep an extra pair of shoes in my trunk just to beat my own madness!

Monday Madness #2

Michigan Weather

Fall has arrived! Here in Michigan& that sort of means winter has arrived as well. Although the weather says 70 degrees my bones scream 50! To say the least, 5 days after the first day of fall and I can almost replace the term with winter.

Maybe I’m over exaggerating but it is very clear fall hated on summer and could not wait to come around. In some way or another summer tends to linger and hold on peeking through mid-day and the sun light is awesome! However, we are greatly reminded with the help of the crisp breeze of what is really happening and what is next to come. As a born & raised Michigander I can tell you, winter isn’t sweet!

While it is always cold in October and on my birthday (October 29th to be exact) I am often blown back by how cold Michigan can actually get. While I have lived on the east & west side of the state I have experienced some of the nastiest weather even experiencing the glorious lake effect. With that, I know what cold is and I can bet by the middle of October it will be in the 40’s but it will feel 10 degrees less.

With all the complaining I’ve done so far I still find beauty in fall and Michigan weather as a whole! As the bitter feeling of summer being gone fades way the sweet smell of nature changes and soon I am in the fall spirit. Out with the floral and in comes the spice! While I don’t particularly like the smell of cinnamon spice, I do enjoy apple scented candles and sometimes I will buy cinnamon house spray just to vibe with the sseason.

 I decided to run outside and catch some photos of the seasonal changes while the weather was still nice!We even reached 80(Pure Michigan) Those awesome photos of nature are below.

Started off cold and dark the first few days so I decided not to get those who needs a Debbie.

Leaves changing & falling. The best!

Recap Friday: September Favorites

So, I have decided to add my monthly favorites the last Friday of every month! I will share mostly my Beauty and Fitness Favorites of the month and anything else I just could not resist utilizing throughout the month.

This week features my September Beauty Favorites

Herbal Essences Wild Naturals: Dry oil spray


This oil has been my daily oil for my entire hair. For most of the summer I was natural so I needed to be sure I kept my hair moisturized frequently with all the activities I do and this was a great go-to!When I recently straightened my hair I used this on my ends to lock in oil and keep my ends from drying out and splitting. I also use this on my edges and kitchen (nape of the head, where hair becomes locked and dry) to keep those oiled.

Herbal Essences Wild Naturals: Oil elixir


I love this oil just as much as I enjoyed using the first one. They are very light weight and never leave my hair feeling greasy. Fun fact:I got these oils from the clearance isle at Wal-Mart for .50 each. I bought about 10 bottles and divided them with my siblings and friends. They to love these products. I plan to get try  Herbal Essences wild naturals shampoo & conditioner soon ( maybe it will land in my October favorite:)

Pantene Expert Collection: Dry defy conditioner


This conditioner caught me by surprise, being the product junkie I am it was a must I get this when it was only $2 at biglots. I thought “Hey, for 2 dollars why not add another conditioner to the box” and I bought two. I was not expecting this conditioner to give my hair so much moisture, I mean it does say “dry defy” but if you are a product junkie like so you know that things aren’t always what they say.Not even half sometimes but  this stuff right here tho, will make my top 5 conditioners. If you can tell from the profile image, I have squeezed the life from this tube.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful: Charcoal and black sugar mask


I have been hearing about the charcoal face scrubs lately and wanted to give it a try. I have tried this brands avocado mask and it worked really well so I gave this one a try and I was not disappointed. What I like most about the charcoal over the avocado mask is the sugar to help scrub and get deeper into the pores.

Fruit of the Earth: Vitamin E skin care cream


I got this duo at Wal-Mart one day searching for face cream as I have really dry skin (Thanks grandpa).I made the choice to get this for three reasons; One, it contains vitamin E oil, Second, it was under 5 dollars and third, it came with two! Steal and I bought them!. I picked these up over two months and just this morning (Friday 9/30) I finished one of the containers. Not only does it moisturizer and soften my skin, it is reasonably priced and last quite some time.

Family Dollar: Vitamin E skin oil


Last but not least my Vitamin E skin oil!!This oil, I was sleeping on as I bought it and stored it in my cabinet for almost a month. I initially got the oil to make a homemade sugar hand scrub but because I had a new bottle of olive and coconut oil, I decided to save my oil. Up until this past Saturday (9/24) when I decided to french braid my hair , I noticed my edges were complete dry and needed something light. While my first thought was to add my Herbal Essences wild naturals, I passed this trying to grab that. I poured some in the palm of my hand and gently rubbed it into the scalp of my edges, the next morning I noticed my edges were still silky and repeated the step. Since then I have added a little of this oil to the perimeter of my head at night when I go to bed and in the morning when I style. I believe this may be the oil to revive my edges but that, is wishful thinking!

A Rotisserie chicken can save your life!

Saving your life may be far-fetched but it can cure your appetite of hunger as well as save you money! After an exhausting week of work, I was burnt out on cooking and my fridge was becoming empty. Being the procrastinator that I am, I decided I would go grocery shopping  on the weekend so on this lonely Thursday night I opted for a rotisserie chicken from Meijer!

The rotisserie cost a whole 5.88!(4.99 @costco)

When I got the bird home, I sat and admired it for two reasons. One, it was beautifully glazed and second, I didn’t have to cook it! To me this was a score and I had won against my stomach and I felt this was the best meal on a budget and I needed to share.  Not that many people are unaware of the rotisserie chickens but because sometimes we forget how simple and great healthy eating can be!  Below I have shared 3 meals I created using a rotisserie


  1. Rice, Corn & the drums from the rotisserie
    1. Premade rice ( I make rice on Sunday to last me until Friday)
    2. Corn warmed
    3. Pull off the drums (legs) if the chicken
  2. Pasta & chicken wings & meat
    1. Pasta noodles drizzled with EVOO, salt & pepper blend, paprika and basil
    2. Pulled chicken wings and additional meat from rotisserie.
  3. Homemade alfredo & chicken (I substituted some of the ingredients)
    1. 2 cups chicken (Breaking apart the rotisserie )
    2. Healthy alfredo recipe
    3. Add broccoli cuts
    4. Ms dash table blend for seasoning, add basil
  4. Chicken cashew salad
    1. Spring Mix
    2. Boiled eggs
    3. Strawberry slices
    4. Cashews
    5. Left over chicken
    6. Fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice

Remember these meals next time you’re hungry and your budget isn’t moving much. As you can see these are simple meals and most sides and ingredients I already had made or in the cabinet. I am going to try and buy one rotisserie a month and see how many new recipes I can come up with. Hope you join me for this bird call it will be tasty!

5 things I did this work week 9/16/16


1.      Monday: I did 40 minutes of cardio on my lunch break (20min in door & 20 min outdoor) I also reorganized my fitness journal into a three ring binder. Wrote two new workouts and tested out one for endurance.

2.      Tuesday: I tried some all natural chicken sausage for the first time & they were amazing! New addition to my grocery list along with ground chicken.

3.      Wednesday: Created a fitness schedule for my very first client. I will be assisting a friend of mine with her fitness goals for the next two months. I spoke with her to touch base on any questions she had, you can follow her progress here.

4.      Thursday: Found a quiet space at my job, where no one will interrupt me, to frequently stretch throughout the day. (Desk job)

5.      Friday: I got up at 5:30 am for an early morning workout and ran 1 mile.