Polly’s Custom Workouts

Each workout is generated by me and intended to last no longer than 10 minutes. While I encourage at least 1 hour a day for activity, it is always great to get some level of exercise in if possible. I suggest you try these when you’re in a crunch for time or just want to add more variety to your normal workouts. Try each workout at any time of the day for as many times as you want, the more times you do them the easier they become and you will become more fit. Now that you’ve read the disclaimer and if you’re ready to get started feel free to click any workout below and get moving!

 Exercise  Length of time  Link
 10-Min Morning Boost  10 minutes       http://wp.me/p6grWE-1g
 Sliding Burn Blast  10 minutes       http://wp.me/p6grWE-A
 Rid your Waist   10 minutes       http://wp.me/p6grWE-1k
 Cake  10 minutes         http://wp.me/p6grWE-1o
 Army Gal  10 minutes        http://wp.me/p6grWE-1D
 Abs (A bloated situation)  10 minutes       http://wp.me/p6grWE-1I
 Lower Body  10 minutes         http://wp.me/p6grWE-28
 Body Weight  10 minutes
 Full Body (Songs)  10 minutes
 Body Ball  10 minutes   http://wp.me/p6grWE-1Q


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