Review: Shakeology


5 days of Shakeology!

What I liked:

What I found to like about shakeology was the post workout benefits. It was very easy to mix and go which helped me get in those post-workout nutrients. The shake itself is in a powder form, but is very  light so if using a blender can take about 1-2 minutes to mix up but if just shaking about 5 minutes which isn’t to bad and honestly may be shorter, I didn’t actually test it out. I also tried the mix in the morning, by incorporating it in with my fruits and making a smoothie, I found it to be a boost in protein so I didn’t have to make a big meal when heading out for work.


One thing I was happy to find out was that it did not taste like store-bought protein powder that  we’ve all tried. It actually didn’t taste like a protein shake at all, as the flavors I had where vegan chocolate and cafe latte, I just added almond milk on days I drank the shake post-workout without any extra flavor fillers.

What I didn’t like:

I didn’t particular care for the flavor choices, while the vegan chocolate was good , I don’t really care for cafe latte or any coffee flavored products. This could have simply been because of the variety I was given from the Shakeology/Beachbody coach but this limited my mixing choices as chocolate and latte don’t particular make the best tasting smoothies.Although, I was sent a pdf with smoothie recipes, I just wasn’t interested in mixing those flavors in with my fruit. It wasn’t disgusting, It just would have been nice to have more flavors, like strawberry or some other fruit flavor.


I don’t know if it boost my energy, I only tried it out for a week ( Mon-Friday) and I couldn’t tell if my energy was restored any more than usual. In their defense, I have been very worn out lately, from life’s daily grind . So naturally, I am exhausted by the end of the day and on days I get in later than usual , I am even more tired. I may just need a few days off and some yoga so I will not judge shakeology due to my lack of rest.


One thing I wanted to pay close attention to was my performance progress in conjunction with the shakes. As I mentioned, I didn’t feel it personally gave me energy, the post shake helped with recovery in the sense of muscle repair. I noticed my body was less sore the next day after an intense workout. While stretching plays a major role, I felt the levels of pain were much lower. I also could see my body transforming at a faster rate, clearly showing the nutrients I was lacking post workout.

Overall thoughts:

Overall I did like Shakeology and I would recommend it if someone was looking for a shake that doesn’t taste like protein with a ton of nutrients. I will  be open and say, I’m not sure it is something I would invest in as a monthly thing, as a months worth will run you about $120 and with just me, those are my monthly groceries expenses alone. I would also be aware that you may be limited with the shakes you make due to the flavor choices of the powder, if that is not a big deal and in your budget, go for it! I do plan at some point to try out a months worth for a longer review, being sure to pay attention to my energy levels.

For now, I am still on the market for a great shake/protein powder for post workout. It would be nice if there was something a bit cheaper with some of the same benefits as well as something with more of an energy boost.

Below are some photos of some of the Shakes/Smoothies I made.


Hope this review helps, please feel free to give it a try on your own. I would also suggest maybe seeing if you can try out some samples like I was able to, that way you too can give it a try and find if it is right for you or not.

Feel free to Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy and let me know what other shakes you’ve tried that work for you.







One thought on “Review: Shakeology

  1. Hillary Teague April 14, 2017 / 2:42 pm

    It comes in 5 regular flavor and 4 vegan flavors. New batches will include Matcha, for an added source of energy. I’m excited to see if I notice a difference in my energy levels.

    If anyone wants to know more, they can contact me at:


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