March Beauty Favorites

Beauty Favs.March

1.Finesse Conditioner


I purchased this at Wal-mart for less than $3 dollars. I was very surprised at the amount of moisture it gives my hair, truly restore and strengthens. I use this as a leave in conditioner as well and I can tell you this will stay in my hair regimen.

2. Daily Defense 3 minute leave in treatment

I love this and I use this as a treatment and to detangle. When I add in the conditioner, I comb each strand of hair with either my fingers or a detangling brush.The best part is that it was only 93 cents at my local Wal-mart!

3.D.I.Y Setting Spray

AM 100%

I found this on YouTube and instantly wanted to try to make my own. I enjoy making my own products as they are healthier and I know exactly what I placed in them. It also works as I know what works best for my skin and what keeps it refreshed, clear and moisturized. This spray can be used to set your makeup or simply to refresh your face.

  • Fill halfway with toner (I used T.N Dickinson with hazel)
  • Fill halfway with filtered water.
  • Add 10-20 drops of glycerin (I used about 17 as I have dry skin and I love the way the glycerin holds my make-up)

4. T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel


This is my holy grail, every night after I cleanse my face or do a face mask, I let my face air dry and then I go over with my witch hazel. I place a few drops onto a cotton ball and apply to my whole face, I also will go in a second time and focus on my areas where I have more dark spots and dark circles .

5. New Lippies: Ruby Kiss & NYX Butter Gloss


These are two of my favorite lippie brand, NYX and Ruby Kiss. I have never been a gloss girl, too much gloss tends to look like you’ve been eating some greasy fried chicken, but I love NYX butter gloss and have been using them for a few years. My go to colors are the peach and pink nudes, while some require me to line my lips (to tone down the color with my skin tone) others I can just apply and go. Another reason I love NYX butter gloss is because it is a great top gloss for mattes.

While I have many Ruby Kiss matte lipsticks, I ran across these liquid matte lipsticks while visiting my home town beauty supply store. They caught my eye as they look like Kylie dupes and once I tried out the tester I grabbed them. Not only have I not seen them in the area I live in, they were only 1.99! You can wear the liquid mattes alone or if you are like me and like a tad bit of moisture, add some butter gloss on top.

I hope you enjoyed my March favorites.If any of these products caught your attention give them a try! Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy and let me know what worked for you.


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