Simple Energy Bites

I am a part of a few wellness groups on Facebook, one in particular I am a part of is one that an previous co-worker of mine put together. Recently, a group member  asked if anyone has ever tried making their own energy bites, I thought of how I have been meaning to get around and make some, so I decided to make some that day.I stopped at the nearest store to pick up a few items and I was ready to make these simple and easy energy bites, took me no more than 10 minutes!


Rolled Oaks (1 cup)

Dried Cranberries (or raisins) (half cup)

Chocolate Chips (half cup)

Sunflower Seeds (half cup)

Creamy Peanut Butter ( Begin with 3 large scoops and add more as needed)

To Do: 

Combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl.Stir/mix until everything is well mixed, then using an ice cream scooper ( or spoon) place into hands and roll. Make rolls to the size of your liking, and place onto baking sheet. Place into the freezer for 1 hr. ENJOY!

If you decide to make this recipe, feel free to share with me on Twitter !



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