January Beauty Favorites


Feels as though January has flown by, we are already moving into February and here in Michigan the snow has returned. For most of January it felt like spring except it look nothing to par, now the temperature has dropped down to the twenties or lower and the snow is sticking. Outside of the weather making its way back, I spent January embracing my natural skills, the ones I wasn’t sure I had, my moto for 2017 has been NO COMFORT ZONES!

With efforts to stick to that, I am trying new foods, letting go of my fear with certain things and just taking a leap at whatever I have interest in. I  have always had procrastination trendies, always believing I can just do it another day or closer to the deadline, well I wanted to change that and I didn’t wait to do that on New Years Eve, I began back in September, around the time of my September Beauty Favorites. This year, I will share more of my monthly favorites at the end of each month! I will do beauty & fitness favorites.

This list contains mostly hair products as I am a natural gal. I generally wear buns, twist, braids and anything natural. One thing I must do when wearing my hair in its natural state is take care of it, which can be a lot of maintenance but with time and patience, I prevail and tackle the madness, here are some products/tools that help me along the way.

1. African Pride: Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula


I recently picked this up as I was looking for an everyday moisturizer to use on my hair in between wash days. I have used African Pride products in the past (mainly their leave-in conditioner) so I had great hopes for this product and it didn’t disappoint one bit.

2. Africa’s Best: Ultimate Herbal Oil (Hair & Body)


I was introduced to this product last summer, I visited my sister in Ohio and when showering and washing my hair, I used some of this oil ( as that is all she had) for my hair and it was very amazing, added great oil and helped with nourishing my ends, works great to seal in moisture. The oil contains Soybean oil, Walnut seed oil, Kiwi Fruit extract, Olive Fruit oil, Castor seed oil, Sesame seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Carrot seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Tocophery Acetate, Safflower oil and that is just a few. The other great thing about this product is it is very inexpensive ( $2 or less, Family dollar/Target /Walmart) smells great and you can use it on your hair and body.!

3.Head & Shoulders: 2 in 1 Ocean Lift Shampoo & Conditioner


As I workout during my lunch break on weekdays, I was looking for a good inexpensive 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner to add to my gym bag. I would use it to give my hair a quick rinse/co-wash after a sweaty workout. I found this and thought I would give it a try, I dont have dandruff issues, but sometimes  dried conditioner can create flaking hair and scalp. I love using this as it has mint sized and that just feels awesome on the scalp, it opens the pores and refreshes the scalp. I really love the tingling feeling it gives off, it has great lather and leaves the hair with great moisture. I was skeptical to try this as I try to use natural base, sulfate free shampoos and conditioners but this will be staying in the collection as I loved everything about it.

4. Okay: On the go Polished Edges w/Black Jamaican Castor Oil





I got this from my aunt, she said it was too think for her hair ( she has fine short hair) but after applying it, it was nothing of the sort.It is a thick gel, however once rubbed through, it is soft like an oil.I honestly don’t think she used it, she must have touched it and didnt care for the texture before applying it to her hair.  I have been using this to lay my edges down when I do my braided styles, a friend of mine came over and used this and she went out and got her a jar.


5. Cala: Wet N Dry detangling Brush


I bought this spare of the moment, I was already planning to wash my hair one night and while in Marshall, I visited the beauty isle.I came across this brush on the clearance shelf, I did not want to buy this, I just felt like It wouldn’t work, it would break due to my thick hair, I was low-key hating on this brush all the way until I used it in the shower while washing my hair. BOMB.ORG, This is the best detangling brush I have ever used on my hair, I actually went back to buy more for me and my friends and they were all gone! I guess I understand why, they are amazing!

6. Loreal: Go 360 Clean facial wash


A co-worker of mine gave me the Anti-Breakout facial cleanser to try, she thought it would be great for me to use as I was telling her how I was looking for a more, exfoliating face wash outside of my weekly mask. She gave me a whole new bottle and warned me it may be too strong for my skin. When I tried it the first day, it burned, I put to much on my face, and into the sponge and as a result, I had to rinse out the access product from the sponge and instead of running it under water, I kept applying it to my face.So ultimately, I used to much product causing my skin to become irritated. being sure to only use a dime size, I have kept using it since, once a week like I do my mask (different days) and I have seen a difference in my skin. I don’t typically get acne but I do get pimples on my forehead a lot from the grease in my hair or from the gym, this helps aid my pores during those times and keeps them cleaned so that I don’t get the occasional bumps. I plan to try the sensitive skin version as I would like to use something daily at night to cleanse my face. The best part about the “Go 360 clean” sets are the sponges, which I found can be purchased separately, I found a pack of three at Marshall’s for $4.

If any of these products caught your attention visit your local beauty and drug stores and give them a try! Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy and let me know what worked for you.


“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort. “ – Deborah Day



3 thoughts on “January Beauty Favorites

  1. Voice of Vera February 4, 2017 / 2:09 pm

    You have some nice favorites here! I love the African Pride moisturizer for my daughter. My aunt loves the African’s Best oil. I never New about the facial cleansers. I may have to try those out.


    • Polly B July 10, 2017 / 4:21 pm

      Hey, thank you! I tried the African Best one time and was instantly hooked and its so reasonably priced I just couldn’t go wrong. I also try out many different facial cleansers as the skin is constantly changing but try it out and let me know what you think.

      P.S Sorry for the delay in response I thought this message had sent.


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