I recently created a plank exercise as many of my friends have asked me about ways to tighten their core. While it doesn’t stop here, planking is one exercise I incorporate with EVERY workout no matter what, I spend some time planking, for me I usually plank for one minute doing various versions of planks (similar to what I have listed in the workout below)  but if you are not use to holding a plank then you will begin to feel the burn fifteen seconds into the hold.

I created this workout to give you the ultimate  core born, I can guarantee you will fee the fire throughout this quick ten minute workout. The idea here is to get better with time, this is very beginner friendly and if ever you need to rest, pause the timer and catch your breath, then begin again. This exercise can be done a few times out the week  I suggest doing it twice through for a total of 10 minutes, if you can push for three.I would also encourage you do some cardio before as well, maybe go running or using the elliptical.

As any workout, eating is very important as well so if you think you will eat whatever you want and just do this workout and get a nice lean core, I can tell you that WILL NOT HAPPEN.! In order to maintain a tight core you must eat healthy and exercise regularly, notice I put eating healthy before exercising.!

Key words: Healthy- Eating-Regular-Exercise



Exercise Time
1.       Plank hands :30 Seconds
2.       Knee to elbow plank  :30 Seconds
3.       Elbow Plank  :30 Seconds
4.       Knee to chest mountain climbers (Keep butt low) :30 Seconds
5.       Plank alternate (hands to elbows, elbows to hands) :30 Seconds
6.       Side plank hold ( Right) :30 Seconds
7.       Side plank dips (Right) :30 Seconds
8.       Side plank hold (Left) :30 Seconds
9.       Side plank dips (Left ) :30 Seconds
10.   Plank hands :30 Seconds
 Be sure to take a rest if needed, but get back to the next set quickly! FEEL THE BURN Repeat 2x


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