Healthy Eating On a Budget #1

Dollar Tree Snacks

Dollar tree snacks? SAY WHAT!!

Dollar tree has stepped up their game throughout the years, I remember it was a time everything was off-brand at the dollar store, yet you still bought it because it was a dollar. Now you can find a lot of your favorite brands at Dollar Tree and within the past few months I have noticed a ton of yummy snacks hidden at Dollar tree.

1.Trail Mix- Dollar tree has some of the best trail mix snacks for on the go, and they are healthy.  Lately I have been grabbing these on the go and they come in different varieties (I have found 4 so far)


2. Rice Rolls (Cakes)- These caught me because of the shape, I thought “rice cakes , rice rolls, hell it should all taste the same right” You bet! I like to cut the rolls up into little circles and spread hazelnut or peanut butter on top. When lazy i just dip the rolls in!


3. Oatmeal– You can pick up a 16 oz box of oatmeal from DT, when I leave my lunch at home during the work week and I have ran out of oatmeal at work, I will run up to dollar tree to grab some back up oatmeal , as the store is near my job, to hold me over for the day.



4. Bear Naked trail mix- These taste super awesome, they are a great buy and I grab all the bags when they are in stock. I find I can use the mix in my salad or by themselves with a side of greek yogurt.


5. Hersey Chocolate, Cookies & Cream Milkshakes- I love these, on days when I know I want to spend a few hours at the gym i grab two of these. Not only are they very tasty, they contain a lot of protein and not many calories ( but who’s counting those). The regular Hersey  contains 13g of protein and the Cookies & cream contains 16g! I know…AWESOME treat!

**I will have to mention that the sodium levels aren’t ones that I approve of but I have these in moderation and the days when I do I am sure to keep the sodium levels of all other foods at the lowest !



If you are looking to snack on a budget with healthy snacks, check out your local Dollar Tree for secret snacks!


**Feel free to Tweet me @ThisIsBeyy with any snacks you come across #DollarSnacking **


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