5 things I wish I never ate in my 25 years of living.

  1. Dairy: As much as I loved to drink milk, eat eggs and add butter to my oatmeal, I wish I didn’t have so much of it during one year. My first year of college did it for me. I would use butter in all my grains, and everything came with cheese. In doing so, I eventually began to get cramps in my stomach or have to sit on the toilet constipated & upon doing some research (lol google) I realized that I in fact had become intolerant to dairy products.


  1. Fast Food: I know you’re thinking, “We all wished that” or you’re thinking “you sound crazy” either way, I wish I never ate McDonald, Subway and anything like the two. I worked at McDonald my senior year of HS and through time as expected I grew tired of their food but it wasn’t until I was in my third year of college when I realized, I couldn’t even eat the minimum (fries/ grilled chicken) from these places everything just screamed “ this food is fake as sh*t” and one night after a Griddle


  1. Hot dogs: Nothing about a hot-dog pleases me, however I would eat hot-dogs at my grandparents on hot summer days growing up, and every time I’d feel as though I was dying. You couldn’t pay me to eat a hot-dog today! Nope, defiantly won’t eat beef either!


  1. Ramen Noodles: We have all seen the issues surrounding Ramen noodles and as a once poor college student, this was a heaven sent meal. If you gathered every college student you could really write a recipe book for Ramen noodles. I’m too ashamed to share some of the ways I use to mix and make my noodles; I will mention that certain ingredients contributed a great deal to my dairy intake and the result of me becoming lactose intolerant over time.


  1. Hot Cheetos: I am secretly addicted to hot Cheetos. I know they are horrible for you, I even watched the video with the guy burning a hot cheeto with a lighter and nothing happened, for me or the chips that is. I still crave them, and if I have a great week of eating clean I eat hot Cheetos for my cheat day. Please, judge me another day. !

2 thoughts on “5 things I wish I never ate in my 25 years of living.

  1. Joyce P November 7, 2016 / 11:47 pm

    Loved this post! Hot cheetos are the devil’s chips I’m convinced LOL. I still can’t kick them completely to the side, but I’ve definitely cut them out by A LOT. I used to eat a big $1 bag every day… yikes. And I haven’t eaten McDonalds in 2 years. IF I go there, it’ll just be for a drink.


    • Polly B November 8, 2016 / 1:41 pm

      Totally agree!I really fight that habit of having hot cheetos sometimes and I try to get them in smaller bags but when I go a long time without them they taste too salty. Which is good because it pushes me not to eat them as my taste buds are changes. Couldn’t agree more when it comes to McDonalds and because I worked there when I was 16, I’m skeptical about getting drinks from them to. lol


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