Monday Madness: #1

5 things I always forget at home on Mondays.

1.Gym bag: 

This is a faithful weekly occurrence and I have taken proper steps to be sure I don’t forget it, however I forget the bag more often than I don’t. I usually keep my gym bag in the car throughout the week; this helps me ensure I am prepared for a workout at any time. On Friday I take my bag out to discard all the smelly clothes, clean and repack the bag. It is just when I am done doing so, I leave the bag by the door with the intention I will grab it on Monday on my way out for work. As I grab for my purse, lunch bag and keys, I step over the gym bag and head out the door. To say the least, the gym is not top priority on my mind for Mondays… but what is.

2.A piece of my lunch:

 As I rush out the door every Monday scrambling to have everything, I always leave something. As I have already left my gym bag at this point, I am certain when I arrive to work, I will not have all the necessities to complete my lunch. I will probably have the tuna salad and no crackers or bread. In most cases it is me packing breakfast and snacks and forgetting my main meal for lunch. It seems I always miss the grand finale.


On the days I do bring my gym bag and food, I get all the way to work only to realize, I have no music. No one runs without music, it is a ritual! Live by it and sprint!!


As I spend Sunday evening planning out things for the week, I fill in my planner (or notebook, whatever is on hand at the moment) of everything I need to do and wish to do in the upcoming week. I should just store the planner in my purse once I’m done but I usually sit it down on the coffee table with the intent to add more. It is usually when I leave it there to go do something else, like clean my car out or head to the gym is when I forget about it. As a result, when heading out the next morning, my plan to start following my planner goes down the drain as I forget the planner only realizing it when I am halfway up the road. How to fail at planning 101!

5.Gym Shoes:

When I can really gather all things needed to complete a successful Monday, I always- if not every single time, leave my gym shoes! I will get all the way to the gym, change clothes only to get to my feet and find not a sole in my bag (literally). I have even gotten to the point where I have to keep an extra pair of shoes in my trunk just to beat my own madness!


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