Recap Friday: September Favorites

So, I have decided to add my monthly favorites the last Friday of every month! I will share mostly my Beauty and Fitness Favorites of the month and anything else I just could not resist utilizing throughout the month.

This week features my September Beauty Favorites

Herbal Essences Wild Naturals: Dry oil spray


This oil has been my daily oil for my entire hair. For most of the summer I was natural so I needed to be sure I kept my hair moisturized frequently with all the activities I do and this was a great go-to!When I recently straightened my hair I used this on my ends to lock in oil and keep my ends from drying out and splitting. I also use this on my edges and kitchen (nape of the head, where hair becomes locked and dry) to keep those oiled.

Herbal Essences Wild Naturals: Oil elixir


I love this oil just as much as I enjoyed using the first one. They are very light weight and never leave my hair feeling greasy. Fun fact:I got these oils from the clearance isle at Wal-Mart for .50 each. I bought about 10 bottles and divided them with my siblings and friends. They to love these products. I plan to get try  Herbal Essences wild naturals shampoo & conditioner soon ( maybe it will land in my October favorite:)

Pantene Expert Collection: Dry defy conditioner


This conditioner caught me by surprise, being the product junkie I am it was a must I get this when it was only $2 at biglots. I thought “Hey, for 2 dollars why not add another conditioner to the box” and I bought two. I was not expecting this conditioner to give my hair so much moisture, I mean it does say “dry defy” but if you are a product junkie like so you know that things aren’t always what they say.Not even half sometimes but  this stuff right here tho, will make my top 5 conditioners. If you can tell from the profile image, I have squeezed the life from this tube.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful: Charcoal and black sugar mask


I have been hearing about the charcoal face scrubs lately and wanted to give it a try. I have tried this brands avocado mask and it worked really well so I gave this one a try and I was not disappointed. What I like most about the charcoal over the avocado mask is the sugar to help scrub and get deeper into the pores.

Fruit of the Earth: Vitamin E skin care cream


I got this duo at Wal-Mart one day searching for face cream as I have really dry skin (Thanks grandpa).I made the choice to get this for three reasons; One, it contains vitamin E oil, Second, it was under 5 dollars and third, it came with two! Steal and I bought them!. I picked these up over two months and just this morning (Friday 9/30) I finished one of the containers. Not only does it moisturizer and soften my skin, it is reasonably priced and last quite some time.

Family Dollar: Vitamin E skin oil


Last but not least my Vitamin E skin oil!!This oil, I was sleeping on as I bought it and stored it in my cabinet for almost a month. I initially got the oil to make a homemade sugar hand scrub but because I had a new bottle of olive and coconut oil, I decided to save my oil. Up until this past Saturday (9/24) when I decided to french braid my hair , I noticed my edges were complete dry and needed something light. While my first thought was to add my Herbal Essences wild naturals, I passed this trying to grab that. I poured some in the palm of my hand and gently rubbed it into the scalp of my edges, the next morning I noticed my edges were still silky and repeated the step. Since then I have added a little of this oil to the perimeter of my head at night when I go to bed and in the morning when I style. I believe this may be the oil to revive my edges but that, is wishful thinking!


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