Monday Madness #2

Michigan Weather

Fall has arrived! Here in Michigan& that sort of means winter has arrived as well. Although the weather says 70 degrees my bones scream 50! To say the least, 5 days after the first day of fall and I can almost replace the term with winter.

Maybe I’m over exaggerating but it is very clear fall hated on summer and could not wait to come around. In some way or another summer tends to linger and hold on peeking through mid-day and the sun light is awesome! However, we are greatly reminded with the help of the crisp breeze of what is really happening and what is next to come. As a born & raised Michigander I can tell you, winter isn’t sweet!

While it is always cold in October and on my birthday (October 29th to be exact) I am often blown back by how cold Michigan can actually get. While I have lived on the east & west side of the state I have experienced some of the nastiest weather even experiencing the glorious lake effect. With that, I know what cold is and I can bet by the middle of October it will be in the 40’s but it will feel 10 degrees less.

With all the complaining I’ve done so far I still find beauty in fall and Michigan weather as a whole! As the bitter feeling of summer being gone fades way the sweet smell of nature changes and soon I am in the fall spirit. Out with the floral and in comes the spice! While I don’t particularly like the smell of cinnamon spice, I do enjoy apple scented candles and sometimes I will buy cinnamon house spray just to vibe with the sseason.

 I decided to run outside and catch some photos of the seasonal changes while the weather was still nice!We even reached 80(Pure Michigan) Those awesome photos of nature are below.

Started off cold and dark the first few days so I decided not to get those who needs a Debbie.

Leaves changing & falling. The best!


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