A Rotisserie chicken can save your life!

Saving your life may be far-fetched but it can cure your appetite of hunger as well as save you money! After an exhausting week of work, I was burnt out on cooking and my fridge was becoming empty. Being the procrastinator that I am, I decided I would go grocery shopping  on the weekend so on this lonely Thursday night I opted for a rotisserie chicken from Meijer!

The rotisserie cost a whole 5.88!(4.99 @costco)

When I got the bird home, I sat and admired it for two reasons. One, it was beautifully glazed and second, I didn’t have to cook it! To me this was a score and I had won against my stomach and I felt this was the best meal on a budget and I needed to share.  Not that many people are unaware of the rotisserie chickens but because sometimes we forget how simple and great healthy eating can be!  Below I have shared 3 meals I created using a rotisserie


  1. Rice, Corn & the drums from the rotisserie
    1. Premade rice ( I make rice on Sunday to last me until Friday)
    2. Corn warmed
    3. Pull off the drums (legs) if the chicken
  2. Pasta & chicken wings & meat
    1. Pasta noodles drizzled with EVOO, salt & pepper blend, paprika and basil
    2. Pulled chicken wings and additional meat from rotisserie.
  3. Homemade alfredo & chicken (I substituted some of the ingredients)
    1. 2 cups chicken (Breaking apart the rotisserie )
    2. Healthy alfredo recipe
    3. Add broccoli cuts
    4. Ms dash table blend for seasoning, add basil
  4. Chicken cashew salad
    1. Spring Mix
    2. Boiled eggs
    3. Strawberry slices
    4. Cashews
    5. Left over chicken
    6. Fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice

Remember these meals next time you’re hungry and your budget isn’t moving much. As you can see these are simple meals and most sides and ingredients I already had made or in the cabinet. I am going to try and buy one rotisserie a month and see how many new recipes I can come up with. Hope you join me for this bird call it will be tasty!


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