Keeping order while remembering to LIVE! 

Ever sit and think, What is life?

Life has plenty of obstacles in which we refer to as learning experiences. These things tend to shape who we are in the long run.

If trying to live day by day isn’t enough we endure so many other hardships such as heartbreak, depression, anxiety, politics and the list goes on…

With morals and each person’s own spiritual beliefs, it alters how we handle & address these situations. Sometimes acting out of character with not enough time to pick yourself up.

So when we try and exhaust ourselves giving into each part of life, we end up feeling as though we have lost ourselves.

Who am I? What is it I truly believe in? Where is my inner peace? We have all had these thoughts and questions.

We all have to work at answering those questions as they will forever reoccur in life.

What I do to keep my life in “order”.

1. Do what makes you happy!

Can’t get any simpler than this. If I am down I think to myself,what makes me feel better. Sometimes its as simple as a nap. Yes a nap! I just take a long hot shower. Drink some sleepy tea and turn my phone off. I usually can wake up refreshed.

2. Read and educate yourself.

Get some books on life to understand how things work, there are great books that will guide the way because like you, they have experienced these same challenges in life. Browse the internet (legit sources) and see why you may feel the way you feel. Get your bible. Reading is truly fundamental!

3. Find your balance.

Whenever it seems I am all over the place I stop myself and say ” find your balance”. This is because you have to balance things out for real survival. Too much of politics will have you wanting to pack up and move to another world under the sea. Too little politics and your confused as to why bananas went from 60 cents an lb to $2.

4. Clear the mind.

Meditate and eliminate! Yoga or a simple walk around your neighborhood are two ways to clear your head of all the drama. Eliminating unhappy thoughts and criticism automatically put you in a better place. Eliminating people or pass situations, letting go.

5. Believe in your success.

Quit worrying so much, you will make it and have the things you desire. Stay consistent and be your first #1 cheerleader!


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.“- Robert Frost


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