#Recall – I went to Texas.

#Recall- I went to Texas for a week!

“Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.”

Maya Angelou

When I booked my vacation to Texas, it was merely to see an old friend and catch up. As life seems to always turn up and then down, a major falling out just a week before the trip, with a more recent/previous friend, was an even more reason of why planning this trip was good.

I headed out to Arlington, Texas on Wednesday May 11. Along the way, I could tell it would rain the rest of the night as you could see the lightning above the clouds.

Fortunately my phone does this thing where it likes to die when I need to capture a great moment. Bummer, the lightning looked awesome on the plane! (Meanwhile, I still hate sleeping alone during thunderstorms)

When my friend picked me up from the airport, I was dodging puddles but the difference in the air, made for not much of a fuss. I also wore my rain boots.

On Thursday I got up early to go jogging, so I headed out for sight-seeing and exercise. We landed here at Dallas Baptist University. The Campus was full of green space and nature! Check out my awesome photos.






This was great for my first day out and I loved the smell given off by all the flowers and green life.  Once back and showered, we decide to grab tacos and margaritas at Taco Cabana. Here they have 1.50 Margaritas, yum!


I went around to a few stores but wanted to save my energy to shop on Saturday.

Friday, I woke up early to go to the gym, my friend found me a 5-day free pass to a local gym in Arlington.

I was able to do 2 hrs of cardio which consisted of, Running on the treadmill, lifting weights for a half an hour, doing legs for 30 and finishing up with abs. Once I left the gym I went back to my friends place and made a grilled chicken salad. I also had peppers and humus as a snack on the side. I was proud to be sticking to my fitness goals.


Friday evening we went to the lake, in which we almost got attacked by a mob of pissed off ducks.

As I snuck off in an attempt to get away form the ducks, I was able to grab a great photo from the other side of the lake.



I even went back and got a photo of the angry birds!


Friday night we went to a club in Dallas , as I wanted to hear some good music and enjoy myself, my friend wanted some of their wings, as a good traveler, I wanted some too. They were just the right thing needed to finish off the night. NO, NO I did not feel guilty eating hot wings at 3 am in the morning! Lol, this is life and I was living a little.

I did begin my morning with a smoothie though.


Saturday morning I got up really early with the intentions to go swimming but instead I was stopped by 46 degree weather. Needless to say, the weather was the same in Michigan on this lovely Saturday.

Upon changing my clothes we set out to the mall, I visited some local stores that aren’t in Michigan one being Ross.  I picked up a pair of sunglasses, sandals, & a top. I also visited Ulta as an ultimate favorite and must do, in doing so, I was able to find these Make-up Revolution bronzers and highlighters in stock, I got one of each almost.



We picked up dinner at Black Eyed Peas, the food  was awesome although I didn’t care for the Mac & cheese (risk you take when getting mac n cheese at a restaurant)

After changing for the night we went to a Mexican bar and had a few drinks, I then wanted to sight-see some more so we went back out to Dallas. Our first stop was the AT&T Stadium and while it was a very pretty view I needed to see more so we ventured through downtown Dallas taking pictures.


At our last stop, I decided I would stand inside the waterfall/fountain for a photo and within a half of second of putting a toe in, it was like a whirlpool and sucked me under. YES, I FELL INTO A WATER FOUNTAIN. I jumped up quickly but that didn’t matter, I was already soaked, lucky for me this was the last stop and I had no reason to be mad.


I enjoyed myself, the pictures  speak for themselves.

Sunday Funday, consisted of  me sorting out my clothes as this was my last night, I got the chance to watch an old movie, Bring it on (The original) . As I became a beer lover from all the breweries around Kalamazoo,this day was meant to sip beers. CHEERS!

As, I headed out to make my plane Monday Afternoon, I stopped by Pluckers in the Highlands. They are known for their wings, so I ordered a 10-wing combo.

I must say, these were some of the best wings I’ve had in a long time, however- They only gave me 5 of my 10 wings in the meal. I had to go all the way back, which caused the other wings to be warmer and not as freshly hot! Overall, I enjoyed them.

My flight home was quick we made it in an hr and forty mins. I had an awesome time and it was just the vacation from life I needed.

Your question is probably, Would I visit Arlington Texas again? Your answer,  you bet!


One thought on “#Recall – I went to Texas.

  1. arabellasword May 23, 2016 / 6:39 pm

    This trip seemed to be just what you needed…Awesome photos i see why you like taking photos. You really captured a good time and a lovely view of Texas. Would i visit Texas just off your photos..YOU BET!!!


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