HashTag Tuesday!

“There are only two ways to live your life.one is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein


I have been devoting a lot of time into shaping my next mission in life. As I have goals to accomplish daily, I am not always certain today’s goals will be tomorrows accomplishments.

No I don’t doubt myself but I do doubt the time it will take to get things done lucky for me I have an on going attitude of “keep giving and the universe will reward you” and I pray.

One thing in shaping my next mission in life is by unleashing all my personal talents & hobbies.

One area is going to paint night, I usually paint at home & do whatever comes to mind but here ,with instruction I actually have the confidence to generate a decent photo & to be honest I never knew I’d enjoy this so much.




Another area is organization. I have made it my priority to declutter, reorganize and just rid my home and life of unwanted clutter. Having OCD never felt so good!


It has became very important to keep a clear mind, I feel I can’t function if I don’t take the proper time to clear my head. I am able to do that in two ways, one with yoga and second with outdoor walks. Nature is beautiful.



Lastly, I vowed to get back into reading during the summer. It is something I have alwaysed loved growing up. So I have picked up some books as well as found a nice site to order books from BetterWorldBooks.com


As you can see, each area is simple yet makes a difference in how I function on a daily basis. Each caters to my mind, body & soul in one way another.

It is so easy to get lost and off track but catering to those natural crafts and enjoying what nature brings us, grounds that energy.

Find what makes your eye sparkle and hold onto it.

#BeHappy #StayHappy #LiveHappy #Tuesday


2 thoughts on “HashTag Tuesday!

  1. arabellasword May 3, 2016 / 3:05 pm

    You really hit a lot of key points that i can use in my everyday life. I love to keep myself and Home organized because its like i clear my mind when i clear clutter and junk out. SO with that being said i need to start de cluttering my life as well. We as people get so caught up in just life we tend to pick up extra baggage and that is not necessary when your trying to stay focused and reach your goals. This was yet another home run!!! Thanks Polly!!!


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