Rid your Waist


Rid your waist is one of my many ab workouts. This is fun and fast pace as it is targeted to get those abs burning. Not only does this workout exercise your abs, it will work your legs, back and arms.

As always stretch first and do a warm up. Find it easy? Try it again, think you can go again? Try it again. Make it 3 times to ensure results. Please feel free to substitute any workout with the suggestions below!

Ready? Set, Begin shedding that belly fat!

    Exercise (Name)




Jumping Jacks w/ weight No Weights (Water Bottles) : 30 seconds
Alternating Press w/weight W/O Weight (Water Bottles) : 30 seconds
Pulse Wide Squat   Wide Squat only : 30 seconds
Dumbbell side bend right : 30 seconds
Dumbbell side bend left : 30 seconds
Side step : 30 seconds
Push ups : 30 seconds
Plank Jacks  Plank only : 30 seconds
Plank 1 minute
Repeat 2x  
End of Workout Total Time: 10minute





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