ABS ( A Bloated Situation)

This workout is for those days when we feel as women so bloated we’re uncomfortable at the gym so we sit the first two days out. From  stomach aches, to having to wear pads, or worrying about your tampon slipping out if you “strain” too much doing a particular exercise; No matter the case , I want you to push past those cramps and get that core tight. Being bloated is only an excuse to skip abs, but not here with Polly!

Below is a workout that can be done in your home or work office (if you have your own work space) .

Instructions : Each workout is to be done for :30 seconds each or 25 reps.

*Be sure you are holding your stomach in tightly as you work through each exercise. That is one way to build muscle.



     Wood chop left w/weight


     Russian twist w/ball


               Full body plank


   Wood chop right w/weight



 :30 seconds each


    Standing Opposite Elbow-      To-Knee Crunch


          Toe touches w/ball

or 25 reps


                Elbow plank


            Reverse crunch


One thought on “ABS ( A Bloated Situation)

  1. Shamika January 28, 2016 / 9:02 pm

    Very nice


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