Do we really need Waist trainers to lose weight?

So, I was in the sauna yesterday w/3 other women. As they shared conversation back and forth ( as they were mother & two daughters) the mom says to the older daughter,

“Hey where did you get your band from?” The daughter replies “I just ordered it off amazon”.
I originally thought they were speaking of one of those fit bands but as I opened my eyes from meditating, I notice she didn’t have a band on her wrist. I sit and listen and they’re basically talking about waist trainers.

The mom ( 45-60) and the daughter (21-30).

So first thing in my mind is, “you don’t need waist trainers they will not help you lose weight!” it took everything in me not to say this or anything!

Here’s the thing, I had friends who used waist trainers and I even got the pleasure of having one (she bought it too small, not by choice). Because it was free and I’m into fitness, I tried it!Whats all the hype about right?

Trying to put it on was like death in itself, I weigh 114 pounds and i am pretty lean, there was no reason this should have been a challenge. Upon finally getting it on and strapping it to the last notch, I had to adjust it to get my “belly fat” to stay in. This here alone almost made me not try the trainer.

So, I went to the gym and wore it during my 30-minute treadmill session and during a 45 minute workout class, I won’t lie, I sweated like a dog.  When I got to the locker room, I super snatched it off and said “Yea that’s just not for me” after I caught my breath and sat down, I picked back up the waist trainer and began giving myself the pros & cons.

Pros: Increased my ability to sweat, Tighten my stomach (for the moment).

Cons: Hurts like HELL!, Uncomfortable, made ribs sore. My stomach being tight was short lived.

As you can tell, there weren’t many pros or cons, actually the pros and cons went hand in hand. My final thoughts were; while the waist trainer increased my ability to sweat, it also made every exercise uncomfortable as well as my breathing suffered because I had this tight, metal embraced trainer on my ribs. While I could look in the mirror and see my belly was tighter, I later learned that was for a short period of time, gone by dinner.

(I found this funny because when I was in the second grade I fractured my wrist and had to wear a cast for 2-3 weeks. Once the cast came off, my left wrist was/seemed smaller than my right but as the days went on, it was back normal—catch my point here)

The real point I’m looking to make here is, it was all an illusion, a waist trainer allows a woman to feel like as long as she is wearing this around her waist then she is burning calories and losing weight. The reality is your being misguided by temporary results. While on one hand you see the results once you remove the trainer, those will only last for a few minutes, once the muscles relax and you go back to your normal breathing, those waist trainer abs will be gone and your stomach will be bloated again.

So what do you do to keep these results? Wear a trainer all day everyday? What about the rest of your body? Will it slim your thighs? What about that arm flab? Double chin? Will you train your chin? LOL

What I find most days is everybody wants a short cut of some sort, people are lazy! Want results but do not want to put in the time or effort it takes to achieve the results. A woman will go out and buy a waist trainer to eliminate her belly fat but won’t change her eating habits, which caused the unnecessary belly/body fat in the first place. This isn’t only an eating issue but mind controlling as well, you bought a waist trainer only because some celebrity told you that’s how they lost their belly, and instead they paid a trainer, took a pill or had surgery and for the real dupes, Photoshop the waist line. Be realistic about things, research and most of all use your better judgment .

One thing I would suggest is a waist BAND, all the perks of a waist trainer just more comfortable and user friendly when  exercising.If you want to learn ways you can slim down your waist and keep it toned naturally you can check out one of my post. Whatever you do ladies, leave the corsets for the pin-up girls.



-Polly B


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