10 Minute Burn Blast (Sliders)

Below is a 10 minute Slider Blast. This Exercise calls for a pair of sliders/gliders (Shown Below).

untitledIf you do not own a pair of either feel free to use some old towels or something slightly slippery to glide the surface your on. Ideal is to use on bare floor & hardwood. Remember to stretch before doing this workout to, being sure to avoid injury.

Exercise (Name)





Squat side leg lunge Right : 30 seconds
 Squat side leg lunge Left : 30 seconds
Ski back and fourth : 30 Seconds
Slider squat right : 30 Seconds
Slider squat left : 30 seconds
Plank :30 seconds
Mountain climbers : 30 seconds
Slider crunch (full plank position) : 30 seconds
Plank jacks   :30 seconds
Plank tap out   30:seconds
Repeat 2x   5mins
End of Workout Total Time: 10mins

Can also be seen on youtube : https://youtu.be/pZPPxG31LsE


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