Making Time for the Gym

For the average person it can become very difficult when making time for the gym. With so many other task during the day, such as work-kids-personal projects-cooking… yes cooking!

It is already difficult for so many to take the time out and cook a decent meal, so when it comes to going to the gym, that may be at the bottom of the list along with getting a full 8hrs of sleep. We would all so enjoy!

As we all want to add more exercise to our day, we often feel as though we simply cant. Balance would be an obvious choice but it isn’t that easy, otherwise obesity wouldn’t be the country’s most serious health problem.

So we can either add ourselves to the list or remove ourselves by making healthier life choices. Below I have listed 5 ideas for making time for the gym.

Yes, if it seems like too much of a hassle forget the gym. Between budget & paying for memberships or fitness classes, you can utilize the things in your home. One thing you can do is use the internet, YouTube has a wide selection of fitness channels (PollysFitnessCorner 🙂 that targets all kinds of fitness levels, choose the one the works best for you.

2. Make it a Routine
Add it to your everyday lifestyle, because you must eat dinner every day, be sure that you workout too. This is the perfect time to cook, after finding a workout you like set the oven for some chicken and put some rice on the stove. Once your workout is complete, cut some fresh veggies and add them to your plate, great dinner & you will feel awesome!

3. Carry your gym bag with you
Carry your gym bag with you in the car. Ever ride pass the park & think “it looks so nice, I should go for a quick… Oh shoot I don’t have any running shoes”. Here you can squeeze in those spare of the moments jogs, I go as far as caring mine in my backseat as a constant reminder to do some kind of exercise during the day.

4. STOP trying to schedule
When starting out you are going to have so many excuses as to why you can’t exercise or get in the gym, stop scheduling and commit to a certain amount of time each day. When I first started working out I decided I would go to the gym for an hour each day. I told myself I would run for 30 minutes and the rest of the time I would do some other activity.

5. Reward yourself
After you have completed your hour of exercise, freeze some Greek yogurt for about 10 minutes, add granola, berries and enjoy! On days I push myself to do better than I did the day before, I always go to my favorite smoothie or juice bar afterwards. I even consider 30 minutes in the sauna a reward, relaxing the mind and the muscles.


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