How I maintain a flat & tight core.

When transitioning into a healthier lifestyle, I knew firsthand the areas on my body I wanted to target first. My abs and my bottom.

Although I have always been small and had a slim size, I still had a small pudge of belly fat. I started on Google looking for workouts that shed belly fat and quickly got to the gym to do them. After a few weeks of running at the gym and doing a bunch of ab workouts, I was not getting the results I felt I should be experiencing. I then went back to Google to see what I was missing and the truth to getting abs was never so clear, dieting.

Abs are made in the kitchen and toned in the gym! It is all in the diet and what comes in contact with our stomach.

Collage 2015-06-02 21_16_10

Some foods I eat:

Oatmeal: Great meal for breakfast, because this meal is so filling it will allow you to shorten your food cravings throughout the day.
Cashews: Nuts are a great source for burning fat; remember keep away from the salted nuts though. Too much sodium defeats the purpose and cause high blood pressure.
Fruit: Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries Bananas.
Protein Powder: To promote energy and keep you moving. This will create muscle as well.
Olive Oil: For frying or sauté food.
Water: Lemon water
Chicken and fish: Chicken Breast or Salmon.

These are the major things I do to maintain a flat stomach. I would say my biggest result is from drinking water and choosing to cook my food in olive oil.


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