10-Min Morning Boost Workout

Here is a 10-Minute Morning Boost workout. This workout is intended to get your heart rate pumping and your muscles loosen. Just after you have waken up and had a fresh cup of tea or coffee, allow yourself to have a banana or some toast with peanut butter. Once that has digested (choose your attire for the day, run some bath water, make your post work out smoothie) find somewhere with enough space to move, living room works for me, and began to stretch. Once you have stretched for about 5 minutes, grab a timer and begin your 10-Minute Morning Boost. Remember push yourself but not over the limit!

Have Fun!

Exercise (Name) Substitution Time
Seal Jacks : 30 seconds
Jump lunge : 30 seconds
 Burpees : 30 seconds
Spiderman  Push up : 30 seconds
Mountain climbers : 30 seconds
Pulse squat : 30 seconds
Break Break :30 seconds
Repeat 3x
End of Workout Total Time: 10 minutes

Can also be seen on YouTube :    https://youtu.be/RTekpEaSeW0


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